Patron Saint and Senior Citizens Celebrations!

Dear Friends,

It is almost 11 a.m. I welcomed this renewal Sunday by sitting on the terrace
under the sun for a few minutes with our dog, Lila. I took deep breaths and
observed her eating her breakfast. Spending a few minutes with her in this
manner allowed me to just enjoy being alive, engaging in an ordinary, every
day activity. I turn my eyes to the layers and layers of verdant October hills
and I stretch in gratitude. Get out early today and enjoy your Sunday.

I walked around the center of town yesterday and noticed that banners are
being placed in strategic spots to advertise the upcoming feast of Patron Saint
St. Rafael. These local events celebrate with traditional gastronomic delights,
religious acts and musical offerings that bring the community together in person.
Food, fun and live performances are among my favorite pursuits in any town I
visit or live in. Although the Feast of St. Rafael is an annual celebration of faith,
it features a festive atmosphere that has something for everyone to partake in.

On my way home from the center, I took a moment to drop off some donations
that were entrusted to me to bring to the Animales de Atenas shop. Animales de
Atenas is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the lives of the
many animals in our county that are left to fend for themselves. Animales exists
almost entirely on donations of both time and money. Volunteers are truly gifted
with the kindest of hearts. They spend countless hours doing difficult behind-the-
scenes activities and inspire me each time I visit their shop.

October is also Senior Citizens Month worldwide. Our local Hogar de Ancianos
has planned many activities for the residents who live and thrive there. We also
depend on regular donations of time and money. We are fortunate that the excellent
administrator is able to connect with residents and staff by going the extra mile and
making sure everything is carried out correctly. She is always looking for ways to
improve the quality of life and care for our residents. As a member of the Board of
Directors, I visit the Hogar regularly. I am still a proponent of people living their
golden years at home but for those that can’t, our local Hogar de Ancianos provides
an exceptional option.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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