Communications skills training

Dear Friends,

Greetings on an early Sunday morning. The sun is just peeking through, its
light shining on the wet, green grass below me. My eyes gaze into the distance
as I appreciate the sounds of Nature that echo through the air. I feel gratitude
and a deep serenity. Whatever the weather where you are, go out and move to
get those muscles ready for a brand, new week of possibilities.

The ICE (Costa Rican Institute of Electricity) has begun a fiber optic deploy-
ment project in Atenas as part of their commitment to replace existing copper
wiring for improved service to customers. Some people (like me) applaud the
fact that Atenas was chosen for this pilot project, though I can also see that we
are being used to test and correct the system before taking it nationwide. I feel
the teams that came to do the installing need training in communication skills,
not just expertise in technology.

I’ve always been drawn to modern concepts and constructions in industry. I
loved working in an office and continue to live my life as if I were still a vital
part of the workforce. My computers are my lifeline. I depend less on my phone.
Technology challenged me this week. One of the technicians suggested my (old)
desktop needed new external connectors so I rushed it to my trusted local repair
guy who called me after several days of testing to say there is nothing wrong,
at least not with the computer, it’s the installation!

Mid-week, I was locked out of my laptop and no matter how many times I
typed my password, it just wouldn’t unlock. I panicked, now two computers
down! Since I was working in panic mode, I assumed I’d been hacked and
changed all of my passwords…before realizing one of the letters on the key-
board was not working…a letter I use often in passwords, My trusted repair
guy told me my PC would begin to lose letters one by one…a factory defect.

These episodes have forced me to seriously examine my tendency to hold on to
assets long after their useful life. With its external camera (the internal one gave
up a year ago!) and now large external keyboard, my once compact PC requires
lots of space! My lamenting to my wonderful hairdresser ended when she
suggested it’s time for an upgrade, not in my hairstyle but in my thinking! She is
an asset worth holding on to.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

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