A Christmas Greeting!

Dear Friends,

From the comfort of my writing table, I can see that the December breezes
are having their effect on the branches of the trees outside my windows. It
is a clear sign of the season, perhaps a little too energetic, but definitely an
invigorating reminder of Nature’s power. Get out early today and enjoy a
walk in the neighborhood taking in the decorations and highlights all around.

Last night was the Festival of Lights in Atenas. This holiday staple was an
amazing display of talent, both local and regional. It combined the work and
planning of numerous organizations, volunteers and entertainers to bring
holiday cheer to parade goers. For those unable to attend, there was live
coverage by TVRadio Atenas, an important local news outlet.

The parade featured creative floats, dancers and many marching bands. If my
unofficial records are correct, last night was the 10th annual parade. Atenas
has changed a great deal in the past decade. Long-term residents and visitors
look forward to the 3-day festival that allows them to catch up with friends
as they peruse the crafts tables in the park in search of last-minute gifts. It’s
lovely to see everyone smiling and waving with enthusiasm and community
spirit! It allows me to remember why I love to live here.

The many selfless acts taking place during the month of December stress the
importance to our spiritual health of truly being a part of something. The real
spirit of the season is the inside-outside process that connects us to our world,
reminding us of the common bond we share by celebrating the traditions that
have and will continue to endure. My best wishes to all of you for a Christmas
that is joyful and replete with people and events that are uplifting for you.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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