Nature Repeats its Story

Dear Friends,

The morning is silent. I am becoming accustomed to the stillness that is
interrupted only by the intermittent breezes that move the branches on the
nearby trees. If I look closely, I can spot the tenacious squirrels expertly
leaping from tree to tree. These inquisitive and persistent animals have
learned to circumvent obstacles and thrive in this environment, adapting
easily to the seasonal changes. The magnificence of Nature in the first
light of each day restores me and I am thankful to greet another morning.

The present pandemic, the worst of times most of us can remember in
our lifetime, has brought to light injustices that have existed in our social
systems for many decades, worldwide. The disruption that we believed
would end quickly is now in its sixth month. We are learning how much
we don’t know about a virus that replicates itself in a host until something
causes it to stop. Whether the virus is living or non-living is debated in
microbiological scientific circles but we can all agree that it has forced
most of us to evaluate the way we had been living our lives pre Covid-19.

Our worldwide leaders overwhelm us with conflicting messages that seem
to change depending on the reaction of the crowd. While some initially
played down the known facts (number of infected, deaths, etc.), distorting
perception and leading to erroneous, late action, others formulated strong
strategies and sought to direct their citizens with coherent directives. We
spend too much time watching disturbing news, a normal activity given
the extra time at home.We are seeking answers, seeking someone to blame.

We are in the rainy season in Costa Rica. When restrictions began, the rains
had just started. Farmers everywhere began planting their corn like they do
every year. Despite the world being turned upside down, farmers have that
natural connection to the Earth. In silence, they commune and know internal
balance. They don’t struggle or fight as they tend their small or large gardens.
Some weeks ago, I saw our neighbor’s young son playing and climbing on a
pile of boulders and dirt. Yesterday I noticed the pile was covered in corn
stalks, head high and already tasseling. Nature is repeating its story.

I sat for a few minutes, just observing my surroundings. I am witnessing the
annual regeneration of our landscape, the eternal cycles that I have taken for
granted for years. I am fortunate in countless ways. I am not on the front lines
of the pandemic, everyone in my circle is healthy and well-fed. Although my
plans for travel this year will not happen, it is a small sacrifice that has given
me the opportunity to reconnect with the elements present but overlooked. It
is an invitation for reflection. I hope the same is true for all of you.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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