Look for Wonder and Enchantment

Dear Friends,

The air is hot. The sun is brightly enhancing the colors of the season that adorn the landscape. I feel the gentle breeze of the fan in my office cooling the space. I methodically begin the process of turning on the various devices that will allow me to wish you all a good morning and remind you to move your body and clear your mind in preparation for living another good day. My heart is grateful for the opportunity to greet you. As the breeze reaches my desk, I am in awe of the inventor of the electric fan taken for granted!

Yesterday was a great day for me despite any temptation I might have had to feel sorrowful about the state of the world. I felt energetic. On Friday, I visited my hair stylist and she added highlights that painlessly flatter and enhance my curls. As I age (gracefully!), I am thankful for expert advice. I am happy to regularly visit the salon because it has proven to be a short, lovely way to connect and acknowledge the simply life in our small town that is an excellent contributor to our general well-being and contentment.

We continue to navigate a transforming community, both nationally and internationally. At home, we are getting used to a new Legislative Assembly and the different style of our recently-elected President. Although I am not convinced the new government can deliver on all the promises, I am neutral right now and hopeful of the possibility of real change. Time will tell. On the international front, every day brings a new surprise and while I pay attention in a general way, I quickly remind myself that my inner circle is my priority.

My goal every day is to impart a little happiness. I believe that wonder and enchantment are all around us, discoverable if we are curious enough to seek them. On my errands yesterday, I was surprised to find some stores closed for vacation. I decided to visit a newly-opened agro-vet that might carry the product I was looking for. I was rewarded for my visit by finding the item and as an additional bonus, the young man imparted a little happiness to me when he offered to carry the heavy bag of dog food to my car. I accepted!

Have a great Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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